Keep your children busy with Miss Jenny's "Free" How To Set Up An Art Workstation Video!

Watch the short video on how to set up an engaging creative workstation for your children.

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How Your Child Will Benefit From Their Own Art Workstation:
Benefit #1: Learn to Be More Creative with the Right Art Supplies!
Explore drawing, color, composition and design
Benefit #2: Think of New Ideas Using the Workstation!
Work with watercolors, collage, oil pastels, markers and Mod Podge
Benefit #3: Become Self Reliant With Their Own Project Bin!
Create projects on their own using new art supplies
Jennifer Morey Cunningham
Artist/Art Teacher
About The Teacher:
Jennifer Morey Cunningham is an Artist whose vision is to open children up to their creative selves. She teaches art to all ages and levels of experience.

“A creative outlet is a wonderful way to move through life’s challenges. I want to give kids, artistic tools and a way to rise above their circumstances. Creating art is something that always makes me feel better no matter what is happening in my life."
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