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Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday "Live" at 1:00 pm PST

Can't make it? No worries! With membership the classes will be recorded and available for viewing at your convenience.

Valued at $49/month with the first month free... You can cancel at any time!
 The monthly membership allows your children to take as many classes as they want all month.

The benefit is you will have the free time you need, to do whatever you need to do, as your child will occupy themselves with the class.
Parent's Testemonials:
  "Of all the after school classes Ms. Jenny's is Henry's favorite"
Caroline McPherson
"We are so grateful that Ms. Jenny is Sara's art teacher"
Claudia Wang
  "Sawyer loves every minute of Ms. Jenny's art classes"
Tori Ramberg
Jennifer Morey Cunningham
Artist/Art Teacher
About The Teacher:
Jennifer Morey Cunningham is an Artist whose vision is to open children up to their creative selves. She teaches art to all ages and levels of experience.

“A creative outlet is a wonderful way to move through life’s challenges. I want to give kids, artistic tools and a way to rise above their circumstances. Creating art is something that always makes me feel better no matter what is happening in my life."
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